Our range of masks from different suppliers to meet different requirements and show our commitment to innovation and comfort.

*N.B These masks also come "for her".

AirFit F30*

The AirFit F30 is designed to sit under your nose and covers your mouth. This mask is perfect for wearing glasses, sleeping on your side and helping you feel less claustrophobic. With the minimal contact mask, you’ll experience fewer facial marks than you would with a traditional full face mask. The cushion seals securely under the nose to prevent top-of-the-nose soreness/irritation/red marks.  


AirFit F20*

The ResMed F20 has a new designed silicone cushion that aims to accommodate your movements, and tolerate misfitting. It has magnetic headgears clips which makes it easy to use and fit. It has been crafted to fit all shapes and sizes and adapt to the unique contours of each face.


AirTouch F20*

The AirTouch F20 is the first ResMed mask to use proprietary UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion technology for the perfect blend of comfort and performance. It aims to deliver a comfortable, light and breathable seal – even at high pressures. It uses the same frame design as the AirFit F20 Mask, which allows you to conveniently switch between cushions.


Quattro Air*

The Quattro Air is designed to deliver proven performance and reliability. The dual wall cushion reduces pressure on your face while maintaining a high-performance seal, designed to deliver supreme comfort for your sleep apnoea therapy. The Quattro Air for Her is sleek and lightweight, featuring stylish pink headgear and a fitting range designed for women.


AirFit F10*

The AirFit F10 full face mask is designed to deliver the comfort and reliability patients have grown to trust with ResMed. Your line of sight isn't affected when you're wearing it, so you can wear your glasses, read or watch TV in bed with your mask on. The AirFit F10 for Her features the same open design and performance - with stylish pink accents and a smaller size range.



The F&P Simplus incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoForm™ Headgear and Easy Frame, all designed to work in harmony. In combination, these components offer the comfort, seal and easy use that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks are known for.

Fisher & Paykel

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