Hear from our patients about their journey in diagnosing and treating OSA.

My journey into the world of the CPAP machine has not been an easy one but I have gone from being a zombie in the mornings to feeling alert and bright-eyed. It has taken three months but sometimes things don't adjust right away, so my advise is to listen to what the wonderful people at Acacia in Armidale have to say and ask any questions. I would like to especially thank Peter for his help (you are the man my friend) and all the lovely ladies there who have combined to make my journey an easier one. I couldn't have got there without you fantastic people! 


Dear Shelley,


The CPAP machine you sold me has been a real life changer. Instead of dragging myself out of bed at 7 am, feeling like dead meat, I wake up at 5.30 feeling fresh and ready for a walk. I feel much more energetic and positive throughout the day.


Also, believe it or not, instead of going to the bathroom about 3 times a night, I don’t go at all.


NC Services set me up for a home study. This was so beneficial as I was able to sleep in the comfort of my own bed. My test proved positive, so Acacia then fitted me with a machine.

I have found them professional, courteous and obliging and would highly recommend the company.


Since using my machine, I have felt better during the day, and not dozing off in my chair.

The dark rings under my eyes and pains in my legs seemed to have improved, and I'm certainly feeling better.


Best thing I've invested in and much thanks to Lee.


Sleep – what was sleep. Before going to Acacia Sleep I had no idea what sleep apnoea was. My results were very bad and I was given the breathing machine – weird feeling at first but it is my new best friend.


I now sleep soundly for 6-7 hours no waking up and my readings are all under 0.5 – excellent. Now I cannot sleep without this machine. Prior to all this I was falling asleep at work, home and on holidays.


Family and friends thought it was very funny but it wasn’t it was actually life threatening – now everyone says how good I look and I don’t miss out on anything.

The best part of all is I am still alive – without the CPAP, things would have been very different. 


What can I say! I hate it - BUT IT WORKS! I thought that I would have to give up work, I was a stroke walking around and about to happen.


Peter was terrific, he listened to my problems, he helped sort out my problems, he gave me great service buying the machine, and the post care advice from ASRS is still ongoing, nearly 10 years now!


I highly recommend their advice.

It has taken time to get used to, not only for myself, but also my partner. Jane now finds the purr of the machine relaxing with the knowledge that I am getting a quality sleep.


Hey Guys,


Your CPAP machine was a lifesaver. Thank you so much ASRS!!!


I was very apprehensive and sceptical about using this CPAP-the first night was remarkable, I have not felt so good in years!! Thank you Peter and all your staff.